Vocabulario de Belleza en Ingles

En el idioma inglés existe una enorme cantidad de palabras para decir que algo es bello o atractivo. A continuación te dejamos una lista de algunas de las más utilizadas, con su respectivo ejemplo:


Alluring: seductor, atrayente

“You have an alluring smile!”


Appealing: atractivo, conmovedor

“I love the colors you used to paint your new house, they are very appealing!”


Captivating: cautivador

“His eyes are captivating! I can’t stop looking at them!”


Charming: encantador

“My favorite place to read is that little coffee shop by the park, it is so charming!”


Cute: lindo

“Your baby is so cute!”


Dazzling: deslumbrante

“Cassandra’s new necklace is dazzling, it’s made of diamonds!”


Delightful: encantador

“My mother always throws delightful parties, everyone always has a great time!”


Divine: divino

“This cake is divine!”


Good-looking: guapo(a)

“Have you seen Andrea’s new boyfriend? He’s very good-looking.”


Gorgeous: maravilloso, magnífico

“It’s such a gorgeous afternoon, let’s go for a walk!”


Handsome: guapo (normalmente usado para hombres)

“Look at that guy in the park, he’s really handsome!”


Lovely: precioso, adorable

“That dress you are wearing is lovely”


Magnificent: magnífico

“Last year I saw the Eiffel Tower, it was magnificent!”


Marvelous: maravilloso

“I had a marvellous time last night”


Pleasing: agradable

“I love the pleasing smell of home-made food”


Pretty: linda, bonito

“Maria went shopping and bought a lot of pretty stuff”


Stunning: maravilloso

“Cara Delevingne is a stunning model”


Sublime: sublime

“The dinner you made is sublime! I need the recipes.”


Wonderful: maravilloso

“Alma got some wonderful news: she has been promoted!”


Esperamos esta lista te sirva para ampliar tu vocabulario y para poder hacerle un buen cumplido a alguien en inglés. Nunca se sabe, ¡quizás alguna de estas palabras te ayude a conquistar a la persona de tus sueños!

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