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October 2, 2015

Do you know de ABC in english? Don’t problem. Today we will study the abc in english. We hope you enjoy with this publication. The alphabet is one of the first things what we leart in our lives but when we start to study another language, sometimes we lost to leart the alphabet.



A: ei          B: bi               C: si           D: di         E: i

F: ef        G: yi              H: eich           I: ai         J:jey

K: key    L: el              M: em            N: en      O: ou

P: pi    Q: quiu        R: ar        RR: dabel ar     S: es

T: ti      U: iu      V: vi        W: dabel iu            X: ex

Y: guay              Z: zed

Puedes ver este video para escuchar la pronunciación.