Vocabulario: En el trabajo en Ingles

En el blog de vocabulario del día de hoy veremos algunas palabras que se relacionan con el mundo laboral, esperamos todas te sean de gran utilidad.


employee – empleado.

It’s very important to motivate your employees.

employer – empleador (el que da el empleo)

Bancomer is Laura’s employer.

worker – trabajador.

All the workers are happy with the new factory.

apprentice – aprendiz.

He is the new apprentice.

intern – becario.

 Interns do not usually get paid.

shifts – turnos.

 He asked me to trade shifts at work.

overtime – horas extras.

 Does your company pay overtime?

profession – profesión.

 I really love my profession.

earn your living – ganarse la vida.

 You are 18 now, you should start earning your living!

to get a raise – recibir un aumento.

 I am so happy! I’ve just gotten a raise!

promotion – ascenso laboral.

 You are such a good employee, you should ask for a promotion.

to be unemployed – estar desempleado.

 He’s been unemployed since 2010.

to fire somebody – despedir a alguien.

 I’m so scared, I think  my boss will fire me.

to quit – renunciar.

 If you hate your job so much you should quit!

demonstration – manifestación.

 There was a big demonstration on Reforma Avenue to complain about  the new reforms.

reforms – reformas.

 There have been many safety reforms at work.

strike – huelga.

 All of the workers in the company I work for are on strike to demand higher wages.

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